Thermal Process Plant Design

Thermal Process Design

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stressing model for vapour phase HTF polymer conversion plant

We are specialist consultants providing forensic and expert witness support for thermal engineering and design issues.
Dove Thermal Engineering undertakes projects in product development, process improvement and thermal process design.
We design and build a range of heating & cooling equipment, and provide complete balance of plant & process cooling schemes.


Dove Thermal has over 30 years’ experience of product innovation and thermal design programmes. We provide resources corresponding with those formerly available through the DTI's Manufacturing and Design Advisory Services operated by the Production Engineering Research Association (PERA) and the Design Council respectively. We received a Design Council award for “Consistent High Standards of Project Management and Design Capability” as its long-term technical designers of thermal plant, products and systems.

Our design-consult-construct capabilites supplement client resources to assure successful completion of stand-alone or integrated corporate developments. Plant documentation includes O&M Manuals, As-Built drawings, 3d stress isometrics and other technical support services that might otherwise be a drag on completion times. Dove Thermal process plant design projects span chemical, mechanical and environmental operations; for example:

78 MW sugar refining process
Offshore pipeline drying processes
Continuous aluminium casting process
High speed self-acting thermodynamic valve


Dove Thermal’s project design frameworks provide the most effective and appropriate bases on which to centre estimating, feasibility and engineering design stages, through to realisation and commissioning. Our on-site, hands-on management support ensures accurate placement of project-critical resources. We will help plan, organise, source and manage your personnel & materials needs within a structure appropriate to your way of working. We can help move-along lagging programmes, and undertake all necessary on- and off-site operations for thermal process plant design, refurbishment, relocation, start-up and shut-down, and decommissioning or recommissioning projects.

The Design Process

Determining the character and parameters of a given application might represent a greater part of the thermal plant design process than other fields of science and engineering. Taken with its nested discipline of fluid mechanics, Thermal process design has witnessed profound changes in mathematical, physical and engineering methodologies during the past 50 years. It now has the facility to be more precise and flexible; whether this aids comprehension depends upon how thoroughly contemporary tools and their use is understood.

Product and Process Innovation

Dove Thermal is concerned with the processes necessary for effective and efficient conversion of feedstocks and work in progress, and the handling and storage of finished goods. We have over 30 years’ experience of product innovation and thermal process plant design and manufacture. We believe that the best process designs have least need for automated control devices, so that a well-bred system reacts organically to imposed loading. While the maths and physics describing an operation might call for some effort, efficient plant design should be elegant in the simplicity of its behaviour and construction. They are all prerequisites for the satisfactory undertaking of a production stage or manufacturing process, expressed in terms of quality, throughput and operational economy.

All our process plant construction projects are delivered within budget, on time, and to specification:

Mineral milling and blending plant
HTF calender heating plants for thermo-bonding
Vapour phase calorification plant for film deposition
Vacuum furnace systems for metallurgical processing

Other Process Design Projects

We design and build tanks & pressure vessels for heating, cooling and feedstock processing:

Syngas quench column
Reactors for biomass steam explosion
Cryogenic high pressure coffee solids reactor
Production autoclave mathematical modelling

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